Shared Service Arrangements in Texas

  • When two or more Local Education Agencies (LEAs) enter into an agreement to share Special Education resources, this is frequently referred to as a Shared Service Arrangement (SSA) or a Cooperative (Coop). It is very common for our small and rural LEAs to be a part of a SSA. Each SSA is made up of Member Districts, one of which is designated as the Fiscal Agent.    

    The Small and Rural Schools Network has created a Statewide SSA Contact List to serve as a resource for the state. On the contact list, you can find the name of the SSA, the Special Education Director’s name, the Director’s email address, and the name and County-District-Number (CDN) of the Member Districts. SSAs are listed by the region where the SSA’s Fiscal Agent (denoted in bold print) is located. If a district is located in a different region as the fiscal agent, the district’s region will be shown in parenthesis.    

    Regional SRSN members will work together to keep the information accurate. If you do find an error, please contact or

    Statewide SSA Contact List