Why a Small and Rural Schools Network?

  • TEA is committed to providing effective supports and guidance to Texas public schools in their implementation of strong and effective programs for students with disabilities. The Small and Rural Schools Network (SRSN) was created to help these local education agencies (LEAs) meet the challenges unique to their size and region. The purpose of this project is to assist schools provide services to students with disabilities who live in small and rural LEAs within Texas. Difficulty with staff recruitment/retention, geographic isolation, and availability of resources are just a few of the barriers these schools face. The SRSN will develop a network of collaborative partnerships and resources to ensure a more equitable level of service to students with disabilities (SWD) in small and rural LEAs.

Color coded map of small and rural schools in Texas

Which LEAs Are Considered Small and Rural?

Small and Rural Schools Network Education Service Center Contacts

  • Each regional education service center (ESC) has designated a contact for the Small and Rural Schools Network (SRSN). The SRSN contacts assist in distributing network information to local education agencies (LEA) in their region and are the first point of contact for questions. Contact information for each ESC is listed below.

Small and Rural Schools Advisory Committee

  • To help guide the work of this network, an advisory committee was created with members from across the state that have experience working in small and rural schools.